I Just Happen To Spit Out Word Fire


I Just Happen To Spit Out Word Fire by Margarita Cavazos


I just happen to spit out word fire.

Not for hire,

But rather to inspire.

From my inner being,

To your inner being.


So hop a train.

Ride my mental plane.

Escape your squared mind.

Find something new to acclaim.

Beyond what you have became.


Ain’t no sane or insane.

You are living in a holographic time frame.

I’m sympathetic to your synaptic membranes.


This life is a game.

One in which we manifest.

It’s a test.

A quest.

Duck duck goose at best.


A house of love lay encrested in my chest.

Fresh breath of air!

Shifting view;

Thoughtful images caressed.


I see sequences.


Patterns like Fibonacci spirals of existence.

Mirror- images sometimes accompanied by eureka-like persistence.

Admittance of clairaudience connected by cognizance.

Never fully explainable,

Henceforth, word sustenance.



Poem originally written on 4/24/12


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