Let Go, My Ego

Let Go, My Ego by Margarita Cavazos


Beyond self-affirmations and positive wellbeing lays the grey,

Where the need for limelight takes away,

And the need to feel important replaces simply being.

Seeing the ego in reflections every day.


In a mirror when I look.

In a good line others agree upon.

In self-proclaimed importance.

In application of titles.

In identifying individuality in the self.


Let go, my ego.

Separate, yet in line with pride.

At times, magnified.

Trying, but it will not be denied.


Let go, my ego.

Let me be content without application.

A swift separation,

From the fractions of remembrance that you exist inside me.


Let go, my ego.

I want to say you are an illusion tossed into a “believed” existence within this materialized reality.

A considerably selfish illusion.

One in which separates us from each other while being under an umbrella of embracing this individual separation within ourselves.

An ego inflated is an ego that fears,

So, let go my ego.


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