The Bad Man’s Heart


The Bad Man’s Heart by Margarita Cavazos


Not everyone thinks of the bad man’s heart.

Even monsters have hearts.

Some seem to forget that.

And while you blame them,

They blame themselves to the point where they blame you.

There is no game in feelings.

When a dream is destroyed it is will to recreate one that cannot.

And so the bad man thinks he created a dream that cannot be destroyed…

To the point where his dream destroys those around him.

And he feeds on conquered souls and territory.

Devouring happiness for his own.

Sadness fills his heart.

His dreams once of angelic purpose have become demons he can’t control.

He asks for no help.

He has all the answers.

No one saves him.

They’ve damned him like he has damned himself.

He has no one.

The monster is alone.

What anger can be created in solitude?

What goes through a monster’s head when he wishes his enemies dead?

I weep for this man.

He feels he has no choice.

Painted his dream,

He has cornered himself.

They hate you because you hate so much.

No one really questions the creation of that hatred.


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