I Dream of Aliens


 I Dream of Aliens by Margarita Cavazos 

The following is a recollection of a dream…

     Me and my brother were at my grandmother’s house. I don’t remember why we looked in the backyard,  but we did. I cannot recollect the conversation we were having prior till, but it did not matter once we saw something moving through the window. We went out the back door and we looked in the garage. However,  it was the entrance of the backdoor with a window on the side.

     We saw something moving, but it was slow. It was a Grey that appeared slightly darker because of the shadows of the room. Its eyes so shiny. It looked around as if looking for something. Its head just looking swayingly. Perhaps it was just observing. Perhaps it was trying to avoid detection without the need of cloaking. 

     We made eye contact with it through the window. It stared, and I moved a bit closer. I sensed curiosity from it, but fear as well. It backed up and I told it to not be afraid, that I wasn’t going to hurt it, but it ran. We heard a car door slam outside the front of the house, so we went to go see if my grandma and father were back.

     We were in the process of telling them what we had seen when I looked into the distance and saw a helicopter across the street hovering over the woods, suddenly a white and bluish light shot up with a high harmonic sound. I’m wondering now if it was an EMP. This was followed by a dome shape field of the same color expanding over the wooden area where the helicopter had lowered a bit. Suddenly, I see the helicopter trying to fly away only to be seen whirling out of control near the neighbor’s house. It went down so fast. The explosion loud, the fire lighting the trees in the driveway of my neighbor’s house; the area of impact.

   I got scared, and pulled out my phone. The voices of my grandmother, father, and brother melding into one inaudible sound stream. I accidentally popped up messages, while looking for contacts in a panic. The message layout looked like the android ghost connect app when it picks up words. I just saw THERE THERE THERE THERE. Just there. I realized I was confused and sidetracking.  I finally managed to open my dialer, call 911, and let them know to send an ambulance. I wondered if I did the right thing strangely because I found myself concerned that I would put the Greys in a dangerous position. 


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