Thought Probe

Thought Probe by Margarita Cavazos

I can feel you know?

I can feel you , you know?

I can feel you in my mind.

I can feel you sifting through my thoughts.

On the days in which you are most active,

My thoughts take pause as I feel something searching…

What are you looking for?

And  I , Who feels you inside. In me not just up there in me.

In me in me.

To the core of me.

Not the walls I put up.

You see through the walls at times.

And I can feel you.

To the core of me…

I search for you.

Then we are both whirring around in my mind, my imaginations and contemplations  with a side of realizations.

Like the corridors and levels of a building in my dreams.

The ones I find myself running down.

Sometimes I get so frustrated…trying to find the thoughts that search  through my contemplative tidbits.

And why to speak if I can feel you feel me?

Try to figure out what’s wrong and I feel invaded and I get ill-tempered.

Because I want my thoughts a secret, but I know.

I know you feel.

I know you feel.

Telepathic synchronization …

Electric energy emitted from us .


Brought together for what purpose?

I search too hard.

As you do in my mind.

When I do not write back you wonder where my mind went.

Sometimes I can feel you take the journey with me.

Other times I can feel you wait for me to come back.

Even when I am delaying for more thought space.

Thought probe.

Mind race.


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