For Mother

For Mother by Margarita Cavazos

Mother when you bore me it was of your choice and I am forever thankful.

When you put up with negativity in the midst of pregnancy I became forever thankful.

Forever thankful for standing by my side.

Mother, I will always stand by yours.

And when you taught me pattycakes I was thankful for the nickname that came with.

Along with skill of hands.

And when you read me “Jamberry” I was so thankful I stored the memory and I bought the book years later.

And when you needed a shoulder to cry on I gave you mine,

Because as a child you always gave me yours.

Mother when you made choice… you gave birth to needle in hay.

Forever thankful; I love you.

You hear me out when I need to blurt.
You give me advice I already know.
Advice I already think I know.

You need not their education.
You are wise with reason.
You see things not all see.
I wonder what you passed to me.

You gave me love.
You gave me light.

I am the daisy flower and you helped nourished my sentimentals.

And although some nights are dark; some days are cold.
I always remember what I was told.

Mother my heart immediately reaches for you.

I think of you and it makes me alive.

I remember why I strive.
I remember why I strive.

You mother.

You are why I strive.


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