Fuck Your Rationale

Fuck Your Rationale by Margarita Cavazos

Fuck your rationale when you cannot even discuss the problems in which you cannot even express how to handle.

You cannot even handle!

You ignore logic to make your reasoning seem better.

You set yourself up, and then ignore the other party when they offer advice.

You fuck their advice, and cut them off.

You think your reasoning is so good it has an extra step of unnecessariness.

Your rationale is full of unnecessariness!

So fuck your rationale!

Because you are so busy setting up your world to fit it,

And then ignore anything that tries to penetrate it.

But you are allowed to penetrate others with this rationale.

This rationale that YOU deem is better suited.

And for yourself it is,

If only it did not affect others.

But, your rationale affects others.

And you say you do not care point blank to their faces when they express concern.

You fuck their expression, and say you do not.

But you do!

So fuck your rationale.


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