The Biggest Question You Can Ask…

     The Biggest Question You Can Ask… 

by Margarita Cavazos

A child, who once knows the concept of questioning Why? to get the best informative responses (or simply to bother), will make that question their favorite one to ask for many years. Why?  Why wouldn’t you like to know?

When I was younger I felt that Why? was the most important question I could ask. The answers to it would appear informative, and there was a deep want to know the answer. Why are we here? Why is the mat blue? Why does the sun come out during the day and the moon at night? Usually, a satisfaction came with the answer, if only for a short time. Yet, far beyond the explanations of science I wished to proceed the Why? As if there was the most purest answer to that question that may have had many answers. This child question of constant Why? had plagued my mind so much at the age of twelve I even invented a game of it. The game involved trying to ask the biggest Why? question while wasting time walking track in middle school gym class.

As I have aged and was asked this question once again ten years later, I was suddenly surprised in myself because my thought changed. Now instead of asking Why? which seemed more selfish in wanting to know, my immediate reply to the question was How? A smile came across my face. Indeed somewhere my mind changed. Instead of Why?  it seemed as though it slightly matured enough to ask How? How? How this? How that? Just how? How do I accomplish this? How does one come about positive reform?  Instead of selfish “I need to know” questioning it became more of an active duty type of questioning response.

How? A question of action rather than want.


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