Traveling Spiritual Entity



     Sometimes it is like the deepest oldest ancestral entity in me leaves me for a while and my body is left behind in confusion trying to find something it lost. It is a strange feeling almost on the verge as feeling as though there are butterflies in the stomach. As if on the edge of a deep thought. An almost epiphany-like state but the tongue does not speak the words. Sometimes it feels like tickley weird wave sensations throughout the body.There definitely feels an absence of something.

    I know not where the old entity (if you wish to call it a soul I shall not argue) goes. But, it searches on its own for knowledge of something I have yet to understand and my body is function-able yet feels on a sort of auto-programmed hiatus till it returns with an update from the unknown.

     The strange thing is when this deep old entity is gone I feel my creativity is limited and my thoughts are less in rapid streams. Low in spirits huh? Low on energy?

     An example I can give is like a parent who was at one point walking next to the child holding the child’s hand. The parent simply for their own reasons lets go and wanders ahead on the sidewalk looking for something the child is too small to see off in the distance. The child is left alone, and scared with no guidance. With just an instinct of doing what first comes to mind. Hurt and cry and question. Until the parent reappears and reassures the child everything is alright and the rest of the day is gold star feels.

     In shamanism I heard the soul can get lost in times of stress and negativity and some people undergo a process known as soul retrieval as to return the lost soul to the body in which it has strayed from. I have also read that if gone for a long period of time it leaves room for a new soul to take over the body and that soul can be either good or bad.

     Auto-programmed hiatus.

    Until the old entity returns with spiritual nourishment.

     The strangest thing is it comes back faster when I listen to music. As if the music calls it back.

-Margarita Cavazos


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