​Hypochondriac’s Tree

Hypochondriac’s Tree by MC

Today agoraphobia.

Tomorrow claustrophobia.



It’s fucking nice to meet ya!


Wednesday is OCD.

Thursday catarax; I can’t see.


Maybe achluophobia.

Saturday  lung disease .

Sunday is agateo won.

And I…

Hypochondriac’s Tree.


Monday not very haptic;

Sad-sick and cloudy brain flu.

Sanitizer madness!

Don’t touch me,

I’m glue!


It’s the I can’t breath, I can’t see , I can’t hear disease.

Call a taxi.

Lungs collapsing.

Just ask me.

Hypochondriac’s Tree.


Paranoia gripped in a honey dipped dream.

A disorder where you scream?

Hypochondriac’s Tree.

Leper of society

Bi-polar push-over

An alien inside of me.

Come on and see.


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